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Medical Surgical Face Mask Making Machine Line


This kind of medical surgical face mask making machine is the auto equipment which be used to the product of disposable face masks, be suitable for the material of non-woven fabric , activated carbon and filter material from 1~5 layers.

This machine is fully automatic plane mask production line, Including automatic material transportation, automatic transportation, cutting off nose bridge, ultrasonic mask edge welding folding, ultrasonic fusion molding cutting、shunt transportation, ear wire cutting and welding.


Model EPMM01
SIZE 6500mm(L)☓3500mm(W)☓1900mm(H)
Weight <2000Kg,Ground Bearing<500Kg/m2
Power Rated power 9KW
Tact time 60Pcs/min
Percent of pass 99%(Not contain Incoming materials and misoperation)


  • PLC control, Servo, Automatic.
  • Photoelectric detection, avoid to reduce materials waste.
  • Separate model selection for children and adults.

Specification of Semiautomatic Machine of KN95 / N95 Masks

Simple Operation, Low Failure Rate, Enhanced Production Efficiency

KN95 N95 Complete Production Line

Slicer Equipment (part drawing)


Ultrasonic Ear Wire Equipment (part darwing)


Machine Introduction

This is a semi-automated production equipment for the production of KN95/N95 masks. It is a combination of 1pcs slicer equipment, 4 pcs semi-automatic ultrasonic ear wire cutting and welding equipment and 4pcs ultrasonic mask edge welding folding equipment. In order to complete the production of the entire product process.

The kN95/N95 mask produced by the equipment makes the three-dimensional shape suitable for the face, science of design, suitable for a variety of mouth shape, wear it comfortable, the use of multilayers of filter inlet special material design. Bacterial filtration efficiency over 95%. Masks can be produced in accordance with CN, EU and US standards.

Production Future

  1. High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance without rust.
  2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation.
  3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
  4. Integrated production, advanced servo speed control. One-time welding molding process.
  5. The daily production capacity of KN95/N95 of one mask machine is over 45,000 PCS (20H).
  6. Equipment can be designed into different shapes, can be customized design.

Key Parameters

Specification EPKN95M01
Equipment Dimension 6500(L)*2200(W)*1900mm(H)
Weight Light <2000kg,  The bearing capacity of the ground<500kg/sqm
Power Consumption 14KW
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa, 300L/Min
Environment Application Temperature 10-35C, Humidity 35-75%, no combustible corrosive gases and other substances of more than 100,000 class.
Capacity 80Pcs/min( Min skilled worker)(Max 100Pcs/min)
Operation Worker 8-9 persons
Control Method PLC+ Servo Drive+ Pneumatic Drive
Control Platform Touch LCD Screen + Key Switch
Fold in Half Symmetry +-2mm
Failure Rate <2%
Delivery Time 15days
Percent Pass Product 99% ( not including bad incoming materials improper operation )

Equipment Combination

An important component of mask equipment



Water treatment layer, melt spray cloth, water absorption layer, nose tip shaping tablet


Inflatable shaft + clutch.  (5 sets)

KN95/N95 slicer equipment


2 sets of servo motor control

KN95/N95 semi-automatic ultrasonic ear wire cutting and welding equipment


1 set of servo motor drive, 1 set  of speed regulating motor drive

KN95/N95 ultrasonic mask edge welding folding equipment



KN95/N95 Mask Material Requirements and Specifications



Coil’s outside diameter(mm)

Cartridge ‘s inside diameter(mm)



Non-woven fabric(inner layer)





1 layer

Non-woven fabric(outside layer)





1 layer

Intermediate filter layer





1 -3 layers

Nose tip shaping tablet





1 roll 

Masks ear wire




6 roll 

Safety Tips for Equipment Operation

  • Requirements of equipment safety.
    • The equipment design conforms to the principle of human-machine, convenient operation, safety, and has the overall fixed reliability design.
    • The equipment must have comprehensive safety measures, especially in the equipment to turn parts, dangerous parts and all hazardous areas are equipped with protective measures, devices and safety signs. Equipment safety, environmental protection requirements to meet China’s national standards.
  • Requirements for electrical safety
    • The whole machine must have a power switch, gas source of the shut-off valve, to ensure that during maintenance, must close all switches, to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
    • The control system platform must be placed in a position that the operator can observe and operate.
    • The electrical system of the equipment must have leakage protection, overload protection and short circuit protection.
    • Safety signs must be posted where equipment and electrical appliances are hazardous. Avoid accidents involving hazardous operation of personnel safety and equipment. Eliminate the occurrence of a safety accident.

One drag two plane mask machine technical specification



Equipment overview:
This machine is mainly used for automatic forming of flat children’s masks: after unwinding the entire roll of fabric, it is driven by a roller, and the fabric is automatically folded and wrapped; the nose beam is pulled by the whole roll, unrolled, and cut into a fixed length and then imported into the wrapped fabric. The two sides are ultrasonically welded to the seal, and then the ultrasonic lateral seal is cut and formed by the cutter; the mask is sent to the two mask ear strap welding stations through the assembly line, and the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding; when the mask is made, Transported to the flat belt line through the assembly line to collect.

Device model: JD-1490

Equipment installation and configuration requirements

  1. Equipment size: 6670mm (L) × 3510mm (W) × 1800mm (H);
  2. Appearance color: International standard warm gray 1C (standard color), according to this standard when no special instructions;
  3. Equipment weight: ≤2000kg, ground bearing ≤500KG / m2;
  4. Working power supply: rated power about 15KW;
  5. Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, the flow rate is about 300L / min;
  6. Operating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness not less than 100,000).
  7. Operator: 1-3 people

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